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Fire At Wintergreen - March 29

March 29, 20073:25 pm Saturday afternoon at Wintergreen Resort Heavy damage sustained because of a fire at Pryors Porch Cafeteria. No one was inside at the time of the fire but 15 people staying at that site’s Mountain Inn

hotel where evacuated.

The suspected cause was anelectrical malfunction in Pryors’ heating and

cooling units. The building will be closed for a long time do to the damage. The closing of Pryors Porch Cafeteria is only going to be a minor inconvenience for resort operations.

Firefighters from about eight different area departments where on seen and put out the fire in about an hour. There where no injorys.

Photos/Story Nathan Combs

House Fire 5 th Street Grottoes - March 29

Saturday March 31, 2007- 1:15 pm A fire in Grottoes destroyed about 30% of a home on 5th St. The fire cruse quickly arrived on the seen and knocked the fire down in a couple of minuets. No one was injured. The fire is under investigation.

First Photo by Beth Morris

Photo/Story Nathan Combs