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STAUNTON – The Virginia Department of Transportation Staunton District continues to focus on a System Operations program. According to Northwestern Regional Operations Director Dean Gustafson, the program provides quick, inexpensive operational enhancements to areas that have no funding or funding far into the future for major improvements. Using a traffic analysis and site evaluation, VDOT staff can draft prospective solutions to developing or on-going traffic problem areas.

The program has brought a benefit to the Interstate 64 interchange at Exit 94, which is where the new Waynesboro Town Center shopping center is located. The westbound exit ramp brings traffic to Route 340 and about 800 to 1,000 vehicles use this ramp in the afternoon rush hour. With the new shopping center situated left of the intersection, traffic back-ups on I-64 could be reduced with a left-turn and a right-turn lane from the ramp onto Route 340.

Gustafson said, “We evaluated the shoulders and pavement width and determined by re-striping the Route 340 end of the exit ramp, VDOT was able to add a 200 foot turn-lane. The result is two 12-foot turn lanes.”

Gustafson points out that VDOT worked with the City of Waynesboro and both entities agreed that without this improvement, heavy traffic volumes at the interchange could back traffic up onto the I-64 mainline. The City of Waynesboro also had the developer install a traffic sensor at the end of the westbound exit ramp to help the signal move traffic. He notes that back-ups are still possible, but the ramp modifications greatly reduces this potential.

Gustafson said, “It is a small, low-cost but high impact action that will help until we can substantially reconfigure the interchange.” VDOT will begin designing a project to improve traffic flow at this interchange early next year and has about $3.2 million in funding towards any improvements that might follow, two to four years from now.

The ramp work was completed on Sept. 12.

Motorists are reminded to use extreme caution when traveling through work zones. For further information on the location of work zones throughout the state, call the Highway Helpline at 1-800-367-ROAD. Traffic alerts and traveler information can also be obtained by dialing 511. In areas where 511 is unavailable, dial 1-800-578-4111. TTY users can call 711 to obtain these services. Traffic alerts and traveler information also are available at

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