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Publication available on 'Mad' Anthony Wayne - September 22

Publication available on 'Mad' Anthony Wayne

The Waynesboro Historical Commission has taken on the task of answering a question that visitors and newcomers to Waynesboro often have ... where did the River City get its name?

A new publication titled "Waynesboro Virginia and General Anthony Wayne" is now available to anyone who wants to learn more about "Mad" Anthony. The booklet also includes a supplement on the General Wayne Hotel. The free booklets are available at the Plumb House Museum and the city tourism office. Brass ornaments of General "Mad" Anthony Wayne are in the works and will be offered for sale in the Waynesboro Heritage Museum.

Pictured (left to right) with the new booklets and the bust of Wayne are Jerry Layman, Kerford Brooks, Cathy Lang, Joseph Morse, Constance Paradiso, Mary Echols, Judith Walden, R. Allen Brahin, Megan Montgomery and Clair Myers.

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