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Animal Cruelty Case in Waynesboro - September 25

We are currently on scene at 1616 5TH St. working an animal cruelty / welfare case.

Animal control received a call for a foul odor in the vicinity of the residence and upon arrival officers confirmed it was emitting from 1616. Upon looking into the back yard three dogs were observed in the rear of the residence with a significant amount (ground practically covered) of animal feces in the back yard. Animal control was unable to get an answer at the door of the residence and summoned patrol officers to assist. Upon arrival these officers continued to attempt to make contact because a TV and fans were on the residence. Finally, officers made contact with the owner of the house who consented to a search of the residence and the removal of any animals found therein. Officers entered but found cat liter 4-5 inches deep on every surface. The door had to be forced open due to being blocked by litter and debris on the floor. Many interior doors were the same. In addition to the three dogs animal control officers found at least 20 cats in an around the residence. 9 cats, in addition to the 3 dogs were voluntarily relinquished to AC and will be placed in the custody of the SPCA. In addition code enforcement officers from the city have condemned the residence and taken steps to restrict access.

Arrested on the scene was the owner of the residence: William Pettry, 48 years of age who will be charged with multiple counts of Animal Cruelty.

Sgt. Kelly L. Walker

Services Division

Waynesboro Police Dept.

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