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Rain Couses SUV to Flip on 64 - July 29

July 29, 2007- 5:53pm I-64 mile marker 91, Cinda White lost control of her SUV traveling west when it overturned. The cause was the deterioration of the roads do to the heavy rain at the time. White only had miner injuries and was the only ocupent in the SUV. It took an hour to remove the vehicle from the median. White is charged with reckless driving.

Photo/Story Nathan Combs


Bruce said...

No, the cause was not due to rain. The cause of the accident was due to careless and reckless driving and by not letting the weather conditions dictate your speed etc.

The Photograph said...

It is what the VA State Trooper told me lol and so that is what i have to put down. I can make assumptions but that is bad journalism. I just put in what the official sconces tell me and nothing more if i did other wise it would be agents the NPPA code of ethics.