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Homemade Explosive Devices In Waynesboro - July 10

I wanted to call to your attention two calls we have received this afternoon in reference homemade explosive devices in the City.

The first was found exploded on a residential porch in the 300 block of Ridge Circle no damage to property occurred and no injuries. The second had been placed in a street side mailbox on Frederick Street and destroyed the mailbox.

These are devices made with plastic drink bottles, aluminum foil and some type of liquid chemical. The reaction of the chemical and the foil inside the bottle can produce a small explosion and due to the varying time within which this reaction occurs it is unstable as soon as it is mixed. This makes the device dangerous to anyone handling it or in close proximity including the person making it or placing it.

Citizens are urged not to handle or move any devices discovered and to immediately call 911.

The Waynesboro Police Department is conducting an investigation into the manufacture and possession of explosive devices and requests anyone with information about this crime to contact crime stoppers or the department.

Sgt. Kelly L. Walker

Services Division

Waynesboro Police Dept.

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