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Shooting Death In Augusta County -August 5

August 5, 2007- Augusta Co.Sheriff department released a statement saying that Judith Miller 43, is being charged with 1st degree murder for killing her house-mate Carol Faye Miller, 43 at 9:30 pm Saturday. Faye Miller was found dead in what Augusta County Sheriff's Investigator A.C. Powers said was what he conciterd the kitchen area of a travail trailer at a press conference at 12:30pm.Sunday Powers also said the fatal shooting was the result of a disagreement between the two, And that Judith Miller was still at the seen when Deputies arrived. The Augusta Co.Sheriff department reports that a fire arm was used to kill Faye Miller, but did not say what kind.

The trailer is behind a house at 2866 Lee Jackson Highway.

Photo/Story Nathan Combs

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