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Flashing Lights - June 26

The traffic lights at a dozen Staunton city street intersections will be set to just flash for several hours each day as part of the city's ongoing efforts to save energy and lower energy costs. The lights will be set to flash yellow and red during late night hours beginning the night of Monday, July 28.

Drivers on the major street in each intersection will see a flashing yellow light to alert them to the intersection and to possible entering traffic. Drivers on the other, less-traveled street will see a flashing red light and will have to come to a full stop, then proceed when any traffic clears.

The lights in eight intersections will flash from 10 p.m. until 4 a.m. Those intersections are:

§ Churchville Avenue and Lewis Street;

§ Churchville Avenue and Donaghe Street;

§ Beverley Street and Central Avenue;

§ Beverley Street and New Street;

§ Beverley Street and Market Street;

§ Frederick Street and Market Street;

§ Frederick Street and New Street; and

§ Frederick Street and Central Avenue.

Lights at four other intersections will flash from 12 a.m. until 4 a.m.:

§ Richmond Road and Powell Street;

§ Richmond Road and Community Way;

§ Richmond Road and Walmart; and

§ Richmond Road and Frontier Drive.

Setting traffic lights to flash reduces the amount of electricity the lights use, and also reduces the need for some motorists to stop and wait for a light to change – thus saving gas. The city government has also reduced lighting in public buildings and is studying additional steps to reduce the impact of higher fuel and electricity expenses on this year's city budget.

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