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Paving- April 6

The Staunton Public Works Department will begin its spring paving on Monday, April 7. On some streets the process requires milling, or the removal of existing pavement prior to repaving. Whether milling is required or not, the work does restrict traffic.

Paving work is sensitive to weather and may be delayed by rain or cold.

We ask for media cooperation in alerting area drivers to the ongoing paving operations, and to the new and restricting traffic patterns necessary during this work. We ask that drivers drive with extra care and be mindful of the workers involved in this process. All vehicles must slow down when passing road work or face expensive traffic citations.

The streets to be paved include:

Monday, April 7 – Milling: Statler Blvd. – Paving: Elm Street & Norwood Drive

Tuesday, April 8 – Milling: Statler Blvd. – Paving: Paul Street, David Street & Ritchie Blvd.

Wednesday, April 9 – Milling: Englewood, Morris Mill & North Waverly streets – Paving Alextine Drive & Statler Blvd.

Thursday, April 10 – Milling: Ranson, Parkview & Gypsy – Paving: Statler Blvd.

Friday, April 11 – Milling: Randolph Street – Paving: Statler Blvd. & Englewood Drive

Monday, April 14 – Paving: Shawn Circle & Morris Mill

Tuesday, April 15 – North Waverly Street, Ranson & Parkview

Wednesday, April 16 – Parkview & Gypsy

Thursday, April 17 – Gypsy & Randolph

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