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Forest Fire Still Burns

A forest fire has been burning for three days, in the Saint Mary’s Wilderness. In a 24 hour period, the fire grew four times its size. As of Wednesday afternoon, it was estimated that 1000 acres of forest had burned. Thursday evening, a possible 1300-1400 acres had been affected by the flames. Weather is a large, contributing factor in the containment of the fire. If windy conditions occur, the fire can spread before it can be contained. It is about 15% contained at this time. It is believed that it will take several days to get the blaze under control.

There were about 8 residencies of concern when the fire started. The residencies were investigated by officials, and not considered to be in danger. Most of the houses are separated from the fire by a river, so they are expected to be fine. No evacuations were carried out.

Written by Kalie Scanlan
Photography by Nathan Combs

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