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Leaf pick up - Decmber 2

Staunton Public Works has delayed its second round of leaf collection for approximately two weeks to reflect what is emerging as an extremely late leaf fall this year. Instead of beginning December 7 as originally scheduled, the second round of collection will begin December 26.

The city’s leaf collection is scheduled well in advance to meet operational needs, but based on many years of experience with actual times leaves begin to fall. However, the unusually warm fall this year has delayed leaf fall for so long that many leaves would have been still on trees when the last pickup ended. By delaying the second round of collection, residents will be able to get most of their leaves to the curb before their area is collected.

Maps showing the revised schedule are posted to the city’s Internet site and are on the Government Access Cable Channel. A copy is also attached in JPG format. We would appreciate any additional publicity the media could generate to inform residents of these changes.

Doug Cochran APR

Customer Relations

City of Staunton

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